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Presence, Purpose, Passion, Power

Our Yearlong Program for 2018

Entering It’s 14th Year!


You’ve read countless books on personal growth and spirituality.

You’ve done more than your share of weekend workshops and retreats.

You have great friends.
Yet you still hunger for a community of support and exploration for your deepest healing, exploration, and liberation. And, you’re not finding it in your current practice.

Do you often wish that your friends and loved ones could “get” what your heart’s desire is all about?

Do you sometimes feel alone in your passion for truth, and long to share it with those on the same path?

Or, perhaps, do you have a local group of spiritual friends but often feel unable to be fully vulnerable with them because of the many hats you must wear with one another?

And like many people, you probably wonder if there’s still something holding you back.
You may ask:

How do I
best serve
the planet?

How do I
fully connect
with Spirit?

How do I
experience the ecstasy of
divine union?

How do I
make every moment
absolutely sacred?


I created P4 as a community in which people could reach beyond the limitations of their current practice to answer the deeper questions of purpose and meaning, to find the the kind of depth, connection and healing that makes a lasting difference in people’s lives.

I’ve been leading P4 communities for over a decade, so the process has had lots of time to refine and evolve.

What makes P4 so wonderful is the camaraderie that develops among the group of 12, the way each member reflects a crucial aspect of all the others, and the way that that everyone calls forth the very best in one another.

Plus, it’s lots of fun.

How Does It Work?

P4 is a yearlong program consisting of just 12 people.

The program consists of monthly activities focused on a theme, plus two weekend retreats.

Each month we focus on a different aspect of spiritual freedom. There will be monthly group meetings by conference call, calls with practice partners, journaling, solo explorations, and personal interaction with me via phone and email.

It’s a lot of activity but it only takes
about six hours per month.

View a sample monthly theme below:

Key Question:

How does the need for approval, and the avoidance of disapproval, keep you from living your deepest truth?

Topics for Journaling:

Whose approval is most important to you? What, if anything, have you sacrificed to get it? What does this particular need for approval tell you about yourself?


On feeling complete as you are right now. When a wildflower blows in the breeze, it just is. The wildflower doesn’t lament about not being a shrub, or about the size of its petals…

The 2018 retreats will be held in February and October near Mt. Hood, outside of Portland. These retreats will expand your capacity for community, compassion, ecstasy, depth, and wild fun.

Is P4 For Me?

P4 is a program that requires commitment. Not “do your homework” commitment, but a commitment to your own awakening, and to the awakening of others who are on this journey with you. If the idea of a commitment like this incites your passion to grow, to heal, and to unlock your deepest potential, then P4 could be a great opportunity for you.

Interested But Still Have Questions?

Listen to the one hour info call about P4 2015 with Raphael and a program alumna:

Listen to the info call from
the previous year:

(Left click to stream audio or right click to download)

What Do Former Students Have To Say?

I’m very pleased that P4 has received so many enthusiastic endorsements from people who have gone through the program.

Watch the video with commentary from former students.

You’ll gain a good sense of what it’s like to be in the program and what it’s like to work with me. There are also some student comments below.


What Previous Students Are Saying About P4

“I can honestly say that in this P4 Program, I’ve grown more in a year than in all of my previous personal growth work and individual therapy…” –Jill


“Raphael’s guidance and facilitation of the P4 program has been amazing. His gifts of presence, deep listening, reflection, playful joy, and delight in each individual have been such a blessing. Those gifts, along with the gifts we each bring to the group, have created a safe, loving space for all of us to grow and explore…” –A. Johnson


“I decided to stop trying to prove that I could do everything on my own. A yearlong program with a group of other supportive individuals seemed like a perfect way to help me in my journey…” –Manuela


“At times the P4 program is not easy. I have found myself resisting change of long-ingrained, destructive habits. But I’ve been able to open myself up more to accept my good and not-so-fabulous aspects, and in turn I’ve been better able to embrace other people in my life, especially those that I have had personal struggles with…” –Jill


“This program provides a rich and nurturing environment for each member to explore their past, learn to fully appreciate the present, and expand their spiritual growth into the future…” –Linda


To read more student comments and listen to detailed audio testimonials, click here

Ready to Sign Up?

Here’s what’s included:
•   2 weekend retreats near beautiful Mt. Hood
•   Monthly calls with the P4 community
•   Unique meditations and guided journaling
•   Deep, revolving practice partnerships with other members
•   Small group of 12 assures ideal intimacy and safety

Cost for In-Person

$2,500, or about $200/month, which includes retreat lodging and meals. You can arrange for the course fee to be paid in advance, two installments, quarterly or monthly.

Cost for Online

Not available for 2018


Take The First Step

If you feel called to be part of either version of P4 in 2018, please send me an email with a few sentences about how and why it speaks to you. In addition, please feel free to ask any and all questions. I’ll then contact you so we can talk it over person to person.

Even if you are not sure the program is right for you, please email me with your potential interest asap. Space is very limited. And, if I hear from you by 11/12, you are eligible to receive a 10% enrollment discount.

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